avetanaBluetooth JSR82 implementation for Windows, MacOS X and Linux Systems

avetana JSR-82 implementation

What it is

The avetanaBluetooth JSR-82 implementation provides Bluetooth functionalities to Java software in a standardized way.
By adding avetanaBluetooth to your software you can offer Bluetooth services, search for remote devices or connect to remote devices' services by using a well documented Java interface (JSR-82). avetanaBluetooth supports the Following Bluetooth Profiles:
  • SDP
  • L2CAP
  • OBEX
avetanaBluetooth is available for Windows (98SE - XP SP2), MacOS X, Linux and WM 2003SE - WM5 plattforms.
The avetanaBluetooth Software is based on the most widly spread Bluetooth-Protocol Stacks and does not use special Bluetooth-Hardware or Software. Therefore the development of Bluetooth-Enabled Java-Applications becomes fast, cheap and plattform independant.

Where to get it

To register for our free demo license, that can later be extended to an unlimited version, please follow this link.
This demo license is for Windows, Linux und MacOS X and expires after 14 days.
To extend your license beyond the duration of 14 days, you can purchase a license valid for a maximum of 3 addresses for EUR 25 by clicking on the PayPal button on the bottom of your download page.
For other licensing options and re-distribution licenses, please contact info@avetana.de.


A short introduction to the usage of avetanaBluetooth can be found here.
An FAQ is available at this link.
If you have further questions about avetanaBluetooth, you can send an e-Mail toinfo@avetana.de.